Craftsmanship at Theodore Alexander and Caracole

Here is a quote from Theodore Alexander that encapsulates their philosophy about craftsmanship and quality. "Every process and every detail, from a carved chair leg to a table finish or inlay, is executed by hand. Our craftsmen employ time-honoured techniques to craft truly beautiful furniture you’ll fall madly in love with.
All surfaces of our furniture are prepared, sanded and finished, even those areas that are not always visible. This includes the undersides, the backs and the inside of the drawer boxes among others.
We believe that the person who owns a piece of Theodore Alexander furniture should take comfort in knowing the item can be viewed from any side and that we’ve made the piece using a time-honoured, handcrafted method that is the true mark of high quality."
Here are some of the most interesting videos from Theodore Alexander and Caracole covering aspects of the manufacturing processes and featured furniture pieces.

Artistry at Theodore Alexander

Inlay at Theodore Alexander

Carving and Carpentry at Theodore Alexander

Metalwork and Castings at Theodore Alexander

Veneer at Theodore Alexander

Lighting at Theodore Alexander

Upholstery at Theodore Alexander

Hand crafted, innovative design by Theodore Alexander

Theodore Alexander Robert Jupe Expansion Table in Action

Silver Leafing at Caracole

Traditional 8-way Hand Tied Upholstery at Caracole

Awesome Blossom from Caracole

Bada Bing Bada Boom! from Caracole

Golden Opportunity from Caracole