Website Navigation Tips

The purpose of this section is to help you get the most from your website visit. Most people go to the Our Range of Furniture and Objets page of our website to firstly select a product category and then inspect the items of furniture or objets in that section. And then to repeat that process by going backwards and forwards from the Our Range of Furniture and Objets page. That is entirely natural and sensible.
However there are a couple of ways of finding things a little differently. Let’s say you have chosen a bench called “Infinite Possibilities” from the Chairs – Ottomans, Stools and Benches section. Things begin to get a bit more interesting when you explore further with “View more pictures to see item details and furniture layouts. View more product information“.
Infinite Possibilities
Swirling With Infinite Possibilities Are Intertwining Whisper Of Gold Metal Rings That Create The Sculptural Base Of This Exquisite Bench. Covered In A Dark Taupe Fabric With The Softness And Sheen Of Silk, This Piece Adds Just The Right Amount Of Sparkle To Any Bedroom Or Hallway. Features: Plated Stainless Steel Metal Base With Decorative Brackets. Construction: Plush Poly Foam Cushion. Made by Caracole.
Length 158cm x Breadth 46cm x Height 51cm
View more pictures to see item details and furniture layouts. View more product information.
When you click on ” View more pictures” the link opens a new window with detailed pictures of the item. What is helpful here is that, besides seeing different and larger views of the item, in this case “Infinite Possibilities”, you will also see group photographs where that item is shown together with other items that marry together well. The caption underneath each of the grouped furniture photographs details all the other items available in that photograph, and most importantly individual links to all the detailed pictures of all items in that photograph.


Items in picture: “Dream On” King Size Bed, “A Dream Come True” Nightstand, “Infinite Possibilities” Bench and “It’s All Greek To Me (60L)” Accent Chair
This is powerful because you can open new windows of selected pieces that you like each time a link is clicked. That way you can have many tabs of selected furniture items open at once and begin a journey seeing what combinations of items you like quickly and simply without backtracking. This obviously works best on a big screen where it is easier to flip between tabs in your internet browser. The other way to get quickly into this type of viewing mode is to open the Our Design Diversity page and scroll down to any picture you like and selecting a link from there.
By surfing in this way you will begin a journey where you can look at many items in quick succession because each picture you open has different elements and combinations.
When you click on “View more product information” the link takes you to either the Caracole or Theodore Alexander website (depending on the origin of the item) and in the case of Caracole you see for “Infinite Possibilities” the screen below. Here you can also see what items go together well. Theodore Alexander has a similar functionality when you enter the item code in the search box.

What is also nice with the Caracole product view “View more product information” (“Cocktail Couture” as an example) when you scroll down is that if there are magazine articles featuring the item then these are shown and the features can be read.
We hope this little tutorial has been helpful and enables you to find items you like quickly and easily.