Projects and Discounts

We are very keen for your business and we also know that the quality of the items we offer is outstanding. Yes, some of pieces seem to be expensive, but actually in world terms we are not expensive for what we are offering.

We understand that when you are paying in Rands everything these days seems to be expensive. So we are sure you agree that any respite on the price is welcome.

Every price quoted for items we need to import for you includes an allowance for freight. If we are ordering a number of pieces for you there will be a saving that can be passed on due the freighting cost being more economical the more is ordered.

If your order comprises many pieces we will certainly be most keen to make sure that we can give you our best quote. We want your business and consequently we will be as generous here as we can.

We want to be part of your project!

Projects and Discounts - We Want To Be Part of Your Project