Wing My Bell


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Product Overview:

While there have been wing chairs before, none are as intriguing as Wing My Bell. Channeling the essence of Hollywood glamour, it brings updated character and fresh imagination to this timeless silhouette. A tall back makes it feel grand in presence while its shapely form ensconces you in chic sophistication. The perfect statement piece for any interior, it’s a design that always garners a second look.

Length 82cm x Breadth 89cm x Height 119cm

Caracole Classic Collection. View more product information.

Made by Caracole.



  • Metal rod on outside back finished in Whisper of Gold.



  • Webbed seat.
  • Springdown cushion.



  • Body Fabric: Inback, Seat Cushion, Front Rail 2790-71CC, Outback, Outarm 3237-71CC.