Our Brands

 Caracole – About Us

“If you are looking for a beautiful turn in a new direction, discover Caracole. We create high-style furniture, filled with personality, and offered at an exceptional value.

We use unique materials and create individual pieces, rather than collections. We disregard the notion that particular pieces must reside in particular rooms. And in the process, distinctive pieces come to life, for every room of the home. Inspired and sophisticated, we love to incorporate a-ha moments and multi-functional practicality, like hidden electronic charging stations, innovative storage options and other special details. Caracole is about creativity, expression and whimsy… right down to our product names!

When you think of Caracole, think of a highly edited portfolio of furnishings – from classic to modern in detail – defined by exceptional style. Each piece is a breath of fresh air, infinitely adaptable and ultimately unique, to take your home in a beautiful new direction.”

Under Currents Sectional Sofa | Contemporary Luxury Exclusive Designer Modern High End Furniture | Sandton Johannesburg
Go With The Flow Sideboard Cabinet | Dining Room | Contemporary Modern Luxury Exclusive Elegant Designer Handcrafted Furniture
Twinkle Twinkle Dining Table | Dining Room or Entrance | Contemporary Modern Luxury Exclusive Elegant Designer Handcrafted Furniture
Centre Stage Cocktail Table | Contemporary Luxury Exclusive Designer Modern High End Furniture | Sandton Johannesburg

Theodore Alexander – About Us

“Theodore Alexander is one of the leading manufacturers of fine furniture. Our comprehensive collections consist of several thousand designs, providing eclectic, traditional and modern classical furniture and accessories to our clients.

Theodore Alexander has become eminent in its field and is renowned as a unique brand embodying quality in design. To us, quality is paramount and we aim for excellence in every single piece. We strive for innovative designs and create furniture to last lifetimes.

Founded in 1996 by the enigmatic Paul Maitland-Smith, an industry legend who has pioneered high end furniture production throughout Asia for the past 25 years, Theodore Alexander is now one of the largest furniture manufacturers in South East Asia. Our reach is global through a retailer network that spans far and wide.”

Brands - Maitland-Smith

Maitland-Smith – About Us

“For 30 years Maitland-Smith has been in the business of creating exquisite and unique decorative accessories, lighting and accent furniture. Our design roots, however, go much deeper. Antiques from 17th and 18th Century England have always played an important role early in our history; inspiring designs that captured the appearance and quality of the originals. Over time, however, we have found that our designs have evolved and today incorporate style, materials and methods found in many other parts of the world.

Today Maitland-Smith is an industry leader well known for its world-class quality and innovative design. Our areas of expertise include metal casting, finely executed porcelains, sophisticated finishing techniques, detailed hand painting, beautiful inlaid marquetry and the finest hand carved woodwork. Leather, penshell and eggshell are just a few of the multitude of materials that are used to create Maitland-Smith treasures. At Maitland-Smith, we take great pride in the quality of our materials and the highly skilled artisans who fashion these unique pieces each year in our company-owned workshops. Our main office and showroom are located in High Point, North Carolina, where our design, marketing, sales and administrative staff are located.”

Adesso Wholesale – About Us

Our owner Francis Palmer initially started Place Direct in 1992 and then later opened Adesso Wholesale in 2001. Adesso Wholesale currently has over 450 designs of imported very affordable handmade decor accessories. The items include, but not limited to, sculptural ornamental objects, dishes and bowls, boxes, photograph frames, horn salad servers and cutlery items, candlesticks, vases, horn jewellery items, coasters, planters, trays, table place setting items, bags and bar accessories.