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Both in our careers and in our years on television we have dealt with heirlooms, pieces that are handed down and treasured by generations. We’ve personally witnessed the seismic shift occurring among consumers who are yearning for quality products that will stand the test of time. Indeed, almost daily, they ask us, “What can I buy today that will be valuable in the future?”

Driven by our love for antiques, and a passion for sculpture, furniture and rare objects, our vision is to create furnishings that will become the classics of tomorrow. Pieces meant to be coveted that are at the same time easily adaptable in various home environments and incorporate functionality through design and purpose. In fact, our line, is really the essence of what we are all about. It’s not about decoration and ornamentation; it’s about beauty and quality through and through.

Our hope is for the Keno Bros. line to be appreciated by people of all ages, ranging from the young person who wants to invest in one special piece for their home, to the savviest of collectors who can take pleasure in mixing these pieces with antiques acquired over a lifetime of travels.

Simply put, our goal is to create the heirlooms of tomorrow and we’re thrilled you have joined us on the journey.

This table embodies the essence of the S-shaped line which the British artist and philosopher William Hogarth called the “line of beauty.” This line is based on the curves of the human body. Multiple curves with their undulations, peaks, and dips lead the viewer’s eye on a chase. We offer a fresh and bold new spin on the Rococo table form in two rich shades of ofram veneer. When we saw the prototype in the design state, we loved the color of the ofram in its natural, unstained state. We had never seen anything quite like this in our careers. The dark striations contrasting with the lighter “canvas” compliment the undulating curves of the table.

This chair and its stool celebrate the ‘arch’ and are in perfect harmony with human body. We envisioned a chair that combines elegance with comfort and we feel this is the perfect answer. Twin brothers Leigh and Leslie Keno, television’s most recognized furniture appraisers and authorities on antiques, have designed a unique collection of classically modern furniture. The Kenos’ focus on quality, adaptability and approachability beautifully complements the realities of contemporary living with a level of craftsmanship rarely seen today. Inspired by a love of antiques and a passion for sculpture and rare objects, their designs distill the best ideas of earlier periods and recast them for the way we live now. Incorporating premium woods, sinuous curves, beautiful finishes and built-in functionality, their goal is to create the heirlooms of tomorrow.


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If the item is not in stock we can import it for you. The delivery period is 20 weeks from Theodore Alexander. If you wish us to import any of the pieces below we will request a 50% deposit to initiate the order with the balance payable upon arrival in Johannesburg.

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